Opening on 5th April, 1878, the town had the ‘Moffat Hydropathic Hotel’, which was burnt down in June 1921. In it’s heyday this palatial hotel contained over three hundred bedrooms, elegantly furnished drawing room and luxurious lounge. The spacious dining room seated three hundred diners in lavish surroundings. The ‘Hydro’ was a considerable local employer. By 1920 the spa period was almost over, some furnishings having to be sold to cover costs. Had it survived both the fire and the Second World War, there is little doubt that the ‘Hydro’ would have attracted many visitors and been a benefit to the town.

Here are a selection of photos from Moffat Museum’s collection:

You can see more on these websites Canmore and Dalbeattie Internet (interior,entrance, and colour view).