Born in Moffat, Emilio had three older brothers and one sister, the Dicerbo family having emigrated from Italy in 1922. Educated at Moffat Academy (1939-49), he then worked in the family ice cream business (1949-95) apart from two years during which time he completed his national service with the R.A.E (1955-57)

In 1963 he was a founder member of Moffat and District Bird Watcher’s Club (now Moffat Wildlife Club) and is President today.

He has had two bird photography books published: Birds of Scotland and Birdwatchers Almanac. He has given hundreds of slide shows on birds to every type of club.

He is also a keen angler and has fished Upper Annandale for over 50 years. He has broadcast for Radio Scotland, Radio Solway and ‘Portrait’ Leisure Trail (1983) talking about riverside wildlife from an anglers’ point of view.

He has also taught extra mural classes for 25 years through Glasgow University.

Emilio, or Jock as he is known in music circles, is an accom­plished ‘moothie’ player having demonstrated the instrument on Radio Scotland. He is also in constant demand for ceilidhs etc.

Throughout his life he has written numerous poems, some of which have appeared in various publications.