Welcome to our reference section! Here you will find links and details of sources frequently used by Moffat Museum for our exhibitions and displays, as well as authors with strong links and associations with Moffat and the surrounding area.

Like any modern library, we have moved beyond using just the printed resources on our shelves, and in this section you will also find links and details of podcasts, tv and video, and pages on the world wide web.

As far as possible, sources will be linked by both exhibition and author, so that you can hopefully trace everything of interest to you. Authors are arranged alphabetically on the “Bookshelf” dropdown menu at the top, and links by exhibition can be accessed by clicking the butterfly below.

This section is set to grow incrementally and will be led initially by our current exhibitions at Moffat Museum.

We hope this section takes you on many journeys around our collections and interests, and passes on the research pleasures of Moffat Museum’s volunteers!