Marriage and Children

On the 16th Feb. 1918 Hugh Dowding married Clarice Maud Vancourt (1885-1920). Clarice, an actress, was the daughter of Capt. John Williams, a Major in the Indian Army. She had a daughter in 1911- Marjorie Brenda Williams (1911- 2003). Details of her first marriage to Mr. Vancourt are unknown.  Hugh and Clarice had one child – Derek Hugh Tremenheere (1919-1992). Clarice died in 1920.

Widowed with 2 young children Hugh was supported by his sister, Hilda, in the practical care of Marjorie and Derek throughout their childhood. Clarice’s early death had a profound effect on Hugh- many years later Marjorie noted “ If mother had lived, I believe he would have enjoyed the social side of life associated with his job, because she was always so full of fun and wanted to be involved.”

On the 25th September 1951 Hugh married Muriel Whiting (1908-1993) – born Muriel Albino. Her first husband, Jack Maxwell Whiting, was a flight engineer who died in a bombing raid over Germany in 1944 – the couple had a son, David Maxwell Whiting (b 1938).

Muriel was a Vegetarian, President of the Anti-Vivisection Society, A Spiritualist and Theosophist. She founded “Beauty without Cruelty” in 1959 & in 1963 “Beauty without Cruelty Cosmetics”.