The Museum is on two floors.

There are four exhibition areas on the ground floor and an outside yard where you will see agricultural tools and exhibits relevant to Moffat’s railway history. The Upper floor displays exhibits in cases and is accessed by a short flight of stairs.

Main Gallery

In this lovely light and airy space we show key exhibits from different periods in Moffat’s history. Ranging from the area’s important geology to the rise of Moffat as an important a Spa town. Our two unique items on loan from the National Museum of Scotland are on display here. The 6000 year old Rotten Bottom longbow and a Roman gold fibula both found near to Moffat.

Townscape Room

This room shows a photographic streetscape of the buildings of Moffat based on the original drawings of Peter Warden, once a resident of Moffat. You can buy a Town Trail Map full of the history of the buildings with which you can explore the town and identify the buildings yourself. Also view a video of Moffat’s history.

Upper Floor

There are eight display cases upstairs covering different aspects and people associated with the history of Moffat. Please note that this area is accessible by a staircase with 14 steps.

Old Bakehouse

This room was originally a bakehouse for the town and it still has its original Scotch oven. There is a working model of the old Moffat railway station and our temporary exhibition space is here.

Outside Exhibition Area

The yard at the back of the Museum houses an example of a locally built stone dyke and agricultural implements, and station signage in the original blue and white.

Audio Visual Room

Here you can watch a seven minute video which tells the story of Moffat’s history.

Merlin Exhibition

A special building is dedicated to illustrating Dark Age life during the 5th and 6th centuries, one of the most dramatic and dynamic, yet least known periods of our history, when the elements which created Scotland were just beginning to emerge.

Meet warriors and Druids, Christians and Pagans, farmers, craftsmen and traders in a Welsh speaking land where there were no towns and when today’s bare hills were still heavily forested.

Discover the true story of the real Merlin. Write in Ogham, the secret script of the Druids. Enter a lost world.