This Exhibition has been developed, by volunteers at Moffat Museum, to mark the 50th anniversary of the death of one of Moffat’s most famous sons, Lord Hugh Dowding

It draws on a wide range of sources to present a more complete picture of this intriguing and remarkable man than has perhaps been done before.

The Museum acknowledges the help and support it has received from:

  • Piers Dowding (3rd Baron of Bentley Priory)
  • David Whiting (Lord Dowding’s stepson who has given permission for the use of many of the photographs in the exhibition)
  • The Ski Club of Great Britain and De Montfort University
  • Dumfries Aviation Museum
  • Winchester College
  • Angus Sinclair (Chair of Dowding House)
  • Dr. Hamish MacLeod

The Museum would also want to record its appreciation of Vincent Orange’s comprehensive biography “Dowding of Fighter Command.Victor of the Battle of Britain” (published by Grub Street).