A local family has developed an interest in locating Moffat’s Ordnance Survey Benchmarks and has prepared this Quiz. The Hargreaves’ are working with Moffat Museum to pull together and catalogue information about the Benchmarks and OS activity in the Moffat area. When this is available we will put it on to our website and, in time, make material available in the Museum.

To add to the Quiz follow the link below to the Ordnance Survey website to find background detail to the mapping process. https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/about/history

Moffat’s O.S. Benchmarks (Flush Brackets)

Ordnance Survey Bench marks (BMs) are survey marks made by Ordnance Survey to record height above sea level. There are approximately 500,000 BMs still remaining; but this number is reducing as they have not been maintained for 30 years.

Moffat has 5 flush plate benchmarks.

Can you use the clues to find them around town ?

(Start with any clue but if you do them in the order marked it is the shortest distance to walk).

Care must be taken when looking for OS Benchmarks. Some are near water and others are on major roads. Remain on the pavement and paths, find safe places to cross. Follow the Green Cross Code and the Water Safety Code.

Answers: Find the answers at OS Quiz Answers